Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Family Camping Adventure Begins

So here we are at the beginning of our new adventure. It's hard to put into exact words a description of this new adventure, but here we go:

one small, young family on a mission: to get out of the house, away from the distractions, seeing the world through camping.

We hope this blog serves those who read it as encouraging and helpful. Whether you are an experienced camping family looking for new tricks or tips or places to see, or if you are a couple with no kids who wonders how you can camp with young ones, or if you are in the same boat as us: you have young ones and you want to camp.

This blog is here to show how we do it: how we camp as a young family.

We are not by any means “experienced campers”, in fact I (Mary) have only camped a handful of times in my lifetime. But that’s not going to hold us back. We want to spend as much time with our family as possible, and we want to do it without all of the clutter and madness of our day to day lives that get in the way. We want to see the world, and watch as our children see new things for the first time.

So we welcome you to join us as we start to document our crazy new adventure, our family outdoors.

~Sam and Mary

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  1. I am thrilled about this blog! I can't wait to see all the pictures and tips that will come along with the many blogs! Love you guys!